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Wanna book your next birthday party, corporate event, wedding?

Send us an email to:

What days are available for Events?

We only schedule events MONDAY through THURSDAY (or FRIDAY BEFORE 1pm) as we want to make sure the club is available to members on the weekends.

How much does an event cost?

Events at Fargo Pinball cost $200 for a two hour event. A FREE one year membership is also included in the rental ($45 value)

Do I have to pay for games during the event?

Absolutely not. All the games will be on FREE play for your guests to enjoy.

How many guest can the space accommodate?

We can accommodate 30 guests max. Any more and it tends to feel a bit corwded.

Can In bring in Food or is food available?

You can bring in any food or beverages you like. Alcohol however is prohibited unless you have an insured and licensed third party for any alcohol service (caterer, holiday inn, etc)

Do you have a table and chairs?

We have 10 chairs and a six foot table you can use, but you can sure bring in more if you wanted.

How can I book an event?

Please send us an email to to see if we can work out a date that would be perfect for your event.

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